If you are already using FastSpring on your website and you added “static” FastSpring code to your site, then you will need to do a few things, before you can use our FastSpring for EDD plugin.

What we mean with “static” FastSpring code is:

Some of this code will have to be removed, so that the plugin and your existing purchase links and other FS markup directives work OK.

Things you have to do

Our FastSpring for EDD plugin automatically adds the FastSpring script code to the head of your website pages (with additional parameters), so you don’t need your existing FS script tag anymore. Please remove your FastSpring script tag from the head of your website pages.

Once you do that and you have our plugin settings configured (in  wp-admin » Downloads » Settings » Payment Gateways » FastSpring), your existing purchase links and other FS markup on your site should work normally. So at this stage, you should make sure that it’s working OK. Go through your site and check if that’s true. If not, please contact our support, so we can take a look at what is causing the issue.

Now, you can continue using our plugin normally, by creating products in EDD (wp-admin » Downloads), no need to create them in FS dashboard. 🙂